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On Thursday September 23rd, Olive Francis Sinclair was born. The birth was amazing, and Olive is perfect. 7-9, 19″ born at 1:22pm.

Short story:
Midnight, Jenn woke up feeling crampy.
6am, Jenn was pretty active, with pressure waves every 15 minutes.
9am, Jenn was very active, pressure waves every 5-10 minutes, with barely any break in between
10am, Angelique (the doula) showed up, and recommended we head to the birth center.
11am, Jenn gets in the tub.
12:45, Jenn started pushing
1:22pm, Olive is born.
5pm, we get home.
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Detailed Story:
At about 11pm on the 22nd, Jenn woke up with some slight cramping. Thinking nothing of it, she tried to go back to sleep, and so did I. At around 2am, Jenn got up with more regular pressure waves. I knew it was time, so I rested a little more in preparation for a potentially long day. But my mind raced, so sleep never really happened.

At about 5am, I got up and found Jenn on the couch dealing with very regular pressure waves. Kathy (Jenns mom) was there to help her out, bring her water, and keep her calm. Pressure waves lasted about a minute every 10 to 20 minutes. Not regular enough to get to the birth center, but strong enough to need some help.

From about 6am – 9am I helped Jenn with Hypnobabies cues and back massages. It was really amazing to see her face go from pain to relaxation with the sound of my voice. As we felt a wave come on, I would push her back and talk to her and we’d breathe together. Nothing was ever too much for her to handle, and she always felt safe.

By 10am, the contractions were so close together, there was almost no relief. But it never felt like something we couldn’t handle. My mom showed up at about the same time as Angelique (the doula). Fresh off a 36 hour birth the days before, she walked in and saw Jenn on the couch all curled up. After watching her movements a little, she quickly said “ok, she’s active, it’s time to go”.

At 11am we loaded the car and headed to the birth center. We got there and Angelique filled up the tub. I sat with Jenn and kept using our Hypnobabies words and kept her calm and relaxed. At 11:15 we got Jenn in the tub and kept her comfortable. BJ (Midwife) was teaching a class in Fullerton, and was on her way to the Birth Center. Jenn was threatening to birth the baby, midwife or not. Angelique and my mom were looking at each other, trying to figure out who would catch the baby if BJ didn’t make it in time. It was pretty hectic, but we all helped keep Jenn somewhat calm and collected.

BJ got there at about 11:45, took one look at Jenn and said “ok, whenever you feel like pushing, let it happen”. She changed into her scrubs, gathered the other birthing assistants, and at about 12:45, Jenn started pushing with her contractions. At 1:22pm, Olive was born.

Watching Olive being born was one of the most beautiful and amazing things I’ve ever witnessed. Jenn was a super human, and never out of her mind. She never screamed beyond her pushing noises. I don’t think she even cried. She might have another story, but this is what I was seeing.

Olive was lifted out of the water directly on to Jenns tummy. She just sat there, wide eyed, not crying at all. She fussed a little once BJ started sucking the fluid from her nose and mouth, but other than that she just sorta laid there and looked at me ad Jenn. We laid there together for about 20 minutes, then got Jenn out of the tub. I took my shirt off and sat on the bed skin-to-skin with Olive, while Jenn was being checked out and treated by the midwife.

Then both of our families came in, met Olive, congratulated me and Jenn, and we headed home at about 5pm.

You can read Jenns write up here.

You can keep up with all things Olive here.


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  2. Awwww I love hearing dad’s side of the birth story. Thank you so much for sharing! Stories like this really inspire me as I study to become a Hypnobabies instructor :)

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